Brainstorming at its Best


March 13, 2015 by Nicholas Spence

progress_lineYesterday the RMI-Family team gathered in Edmonton for the first day of its team meeting. Despite such a large group of about thirty clinicians and scientists from across the country, there were major project developments across a series of issues, such as the wording of research questions, validity and reliability of a number of measures, particularly the readiness and motivation assessment tool, and discussion surrounding the standardization of procedures across sites. As well, a big picture issue, balancing study measures and procedures scientifically with the practicality and feasibility of conducting this work in our real-world weight management clinics, received much attention. No stone was left untouched, but there is still much work to be done before we begin data collection!

We also heard from Josie Geller who shared her own journey as a clinician in the context of motivational interviewing and eating disorders. Josie had us all reflect on our own approaches, purposes and roles in this specific research endeavor and, more generally, client care in the context of obesity.

The success of large meetings of this type, spanning clinicians and scientists with vastly different areas of expertise and experiences, are rooted in a true collaborative approach, including a willingness to share, disagree, and listen to one another. But don’t be misled, it was not all work, as the group’s brushes with fame, a duet, and role playing accompanied by some great laughs, made this a wonderful time!

2 thoughts on “Brainstorming at its Best

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