Motivational Interviewing with the Guru, Stephen Rollnick

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April 17, 2015 by Nicholas Spence

RollnickToday, I invite you to watch this 30 minute video with one of the founders and leading thinkers of motivational interviewing principles, Stephen Rollnick.

This video provides an engaging and practical overview of motivational interviewing with some reflections on how we learn it coupled with some great examples, wise words, and a touch of humor.

Below are some notable quotes and points from the video:

“[What is motivational interviewing?] The ability to trust the wisdom of someone to know what is best for them. And to structure a supportive and purposeful activity, in the case of motivational interviewing, a conversation, so that they work it out for themselves.”

“Why has directing become a default across so many settings? In terms of promoting change in someone it is not very helpful.”

“Is motivational interviewing loose hippie psychobabble?”

“Learning motivational interviewing is not learning something new.”

We need to shift from the “next please” factory model culture of service provision, emphasizing monitoring and managing, to a focus on care that is centred on change.

“Motivational interviewing will thrive where there is a community of practice that’s got a different set of cultural values running through it. The main idea is to fit systems around people not people into systems.”

“I don’t see motivational interviewing as the solution; I see motivational interviewing as a powerful ingredient in the fuel that drives good practice. And it’s good practice that we are after.”

“Every consultation and every conversation counts. The first ones are the most important, and the first ten seconds of the first one is the most important. That’s where you can really make a difference and start engaging.”

“My hope is that we can all commit to this idea of helping colleagues shift their focus and use their skills not to solve problems for people but to support them to make decisions for themselves.”

Top five tips for learning motivational interviewing:

1) Unlearn directive behavior and forget clever strategies; do what a good guide does.

2) Slow down and progress will be much faster.

3) Be humble, bold, and brave; make mistakes as you learn.

4) Believe in clients; guide, but remember clients have the answers.

5) Go with client language about change (notice, reflect, affirm).

Piqued your interest? Good. Now go watch (directive approach, I know)!

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