RMI-Family Project Update: Accelerometers Are IN!


October 15, 2015 by Nicholas Spence

accelerometerOur project, the Readiness and Motivation Interview for Families (RMI-Family) managing pediatric obesity is continuing to come along quite nicely.

There are two main research objectives:

1) Develop a valid and reliable measure of families’ motivation to change nutrition and physical activity habits, called the RMI-Family.

2) Determine the predictive value of the RMI-Family for clinically important outcomes, including nutrition and physical activity habits, weight management, health services utilization, and program attrition at 6- and 12-months post-baseline assessment.

In order to address part our second research objective, we recently received 30 accelerometers from ActiGraph, a global leader in objective activity measurement solutions, for our two data collection sites in Edmonton and Calgary.

As you can imagine, the science of measuring and analysing physical activity is complex; however, our large multidisciplinary team possesses vast experience and expertise on this issue.

In the near future, our team will be holding a training session with Dr. Valerie Carson (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Physical Education & Recreation, University of Alberta), a national expert in the area of the determinants and measurement of physical activity and sedentary behavior in the early years. This will be a good opportunity for each of us to gain some hands on experience using the accelerometers, reviewing best practices, troubleshooting, and analysing data. We look forward to drawing on her vast experience using accelerometers in the population of interest for this study, aged 13-17 years old.

For our local blog followers, you may see several of our team members sporting these cool devices around the University of Alberta campus as we run around testing them out. Pictures to follow!

One thought on “RMI-Family Project Update: Accelerometers Are IN!

  1. […] informative and useful training session on accelerometers for the RMI-Family project. As discussed previously, lifestyle data, including physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and sleep will be measured using […]


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