Mastering Accelerometers for the RMI-Family Study


October 26, 2015 by Nicholas Spence

L-R: Val Carson, Kathleen O'Connor, Nadia Browne

L-R: Val Carson, Kathleen O’Connor, Nadia Browne

Today our research team from Edmonton and Calgary held an informative and useful training session on accelerometers for the RMI-Family project. As discussed previously, lifestyle data, including physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and sleep will be measured using the Actigraph GT3X accelerometers.

Given the multidisciplinary background of the research team, the range of experience with accelerometers is quite large. This session was a great opportunity to ensure everyone meets the minimum standard necessary to administer the accelerometers appropriately as well as standardize the data collection process between our two research sites. Overall, this training will maintain the integrity of the study data.

A special thank you to Professor Val Carson, Faculty of Physical Education & Recreation, University of Alberta, for sharing her knowledge and expertise with everyone!

One thought on “Mastering Accelerometers for the RMI-Family Study

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