So, what’s next for the RMI-Family Project?


August 31, 2017 by Nadia E. Browne

In June 2017, we concluded our RMI-Family pilot study at our Edmonton study site, while our Calgary study site continues with the recruitment and enrollment process. Participants (n=6 families) in our pilot study included youth with obesity and their parents. Our pilot study was conducted to (i) gain feedback on the RMI-Family interview and (ii) confirm study measures and logistical issues prior to starting our full study.

Findings from our pilot study showed that at baseline, using the RMI-Family interview, youth rated greatest importance to changing their sleep and lowest difficulty to reducing their treat foods. Parents reported greatest importance to changing their youth screen time, sleep, and overeating as well as having greatest influence and confidence in reducing youth treat foods. When the interview was re-administered ~13 weeks later, youth ratings remained relatively constant, but parents rated having greatest influence on and confidence to changing youth emotional eating. A number of other logistical issues were identified (e.g., difficulties in recruiting families, platform bugs/issues during e-data collection, and low daily accelerometer wear time).

Preparations are now underway for the commencement of our ‘full’ study in fall 2017, including some minor edits to the RMI-Family interview, conducting mock interviews using the latest version of the interview, and updating our research ethics.

Stay tuned for more project updates!

One thought on “So, what’s next for the RMI-Family Project?

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