Happy Holidays (and a RMI-Family update)!

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December 19, 2018 by Marcus O'Neill MSC RD

It has been over 3 months since our last post, so I wanted to provide a short update on the RMI-Family Study as we approach the holiday season.

First, let’s begin with the really good news.

We have 2 new great additions to the team in Edmonton. Andrea Eaton (MSc candidate, Pediatrics) is currently in the process of becoming certified to conduct participant interviews. Adding Andrea to our group of interviewers will improve our flexibility to schedule visits at times that work best for families. We have also brought in Paulina Blanco Cervantes (MSc Nutrition) to help us get through our ever-growing backlog of data entry related to the study. Welcome aboard Andrea and Paulina!

Earlier this week we were also excited to find out that an abstract we submitted to the 6th Canadian Obesity Summit in Ottawa (April 23-26) was accepted into the special feature Pecha Kucha session. This session involves a poster presentation + a Pecha Kucha oral presentation (a short presentation featuring 20 slides for only 20 seconds each). The presentations will include some of the preliminary data on parent and youth motivations that we have collected so far. We are always thrilled to share our findings with others working in the field, and this will be an excellent opportunity to do just that.

Now, onto the less good news.

Unfortunately, recruitment during the Fall was noticeably slower than in previous months. We have completed baseline visits for 20 families in Edmonton and another 5 families in Calgary. Our goal is to recruit 100 families total, so we still have a way to go. Part of this recent dip can likely be attributed to the natural ebbs and flows of eligible families visiting our clinics, but we are still looking at a few other avenues to boost our enrollment and hope to see the gains of these efforts in the New Year.

On the bright side, follow ups have been going quite well, with roughly one third of all families in the study already completing their 6 month follow up visits. Twelve month follow ups will commence early in 2019 as well.

Best wishes to all for a healthy and happy holiday season!

ps. I’m making an early New Year’s resolution not to take another 3 months for our next post!

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