Are you curious about the RMI-Family Project? Please find the key details below!

Approximately one-third or at least 1.5 million Canadian children and youth are overweight or obese. Pediatric obesity usually persists into adulthood along with adverse metabolic health outcomes, including risk of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. Overall, the data are compelling and unequivocal: pediatric obesity is a prevalent, chronic condition that requires innovative approaches to preventing and managing its health risks, optimizing both quantity and quality of life.

Family motivation plays an important role in managing pediatric obesity through changes to lifestyle behaviours, including nutrition and physical activity. However, no accepted clinical tools exist to assess motivation of families (youth with obesity and their parents). This lack of tools impacts health services delivery, including treatment refusal and relapse, negative clinical experiences, and program attrition. The RMI-Family study will contribute towards creating an innovative, family-centred, and tailored model of health care delivery that uses resources efficiently and is designed to meet the unique needs of families.

Focused on obese youth 13-17, this study will evaluate the measurement properties of our previously developed tool to assess motivation (e.g., importance, competence) called the Readiness and Motivation Interview for Families (RMI-Family) managing pediatric obesity. Drawing on motivational interviewing, it is a structured interview to assess motivational factors of youth and parent and the degree of agreement between them to change lifestyle habits. Also, the predictive value of the RMI-Family motivation scores will be assessed for clinically important outcomes, including nutrition and physical activity habits, weight management, health services utilization, and program attrition.

Pediatric Centre for Weight & Health, Stollery Children’s Hospital (Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre), Edmonton, Alberta

Pediatric Centre for Weight & Health, Alberta Children’s Hospital, Calgary, Alberta

This is a four year study that will be conducted from 2014-2018.

Project Leaders
Dr. Geoff Ball (University of Alberta)
Dr. Josie Geller (University of British Columbia)

Research Team Members
Dr. Josephine Ho (University of Calgary)
Dr. Paola Luca (University of Calgary)
Dr. Susan Jelinski (Alberta Health Services)
Dr. Suja Srikameswaran (University of British Columbia)
Dr. Louise Masse (University of British Columbia)
Dr. Jennifer Kuk (York University)
Dr. Katherine Morrison (McMaster University)
Dr. Nicholas Holt (University of Alberta)
Dr. Rebecca Gokiert (University of Alberta)
Dr. Nicholas Spence (University of Alberta)
Dr. Valerie Carson (University of Alberta)
Nadia Browne (University of Alberta)

Dr. Geoff Ball (gdball@ualberta.ca) – Edmonton, Alberta
Dr. Josephine Ho (josephine.ho@albertahealthservices.ca) – Calgary, Alberta


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